The sort of courage to go out and be creative in the writing don’t push that pressure don’t put that pressure on yourself to feel that you need to be something you’re not or speaking away that you’re not comfortable speaking and the school understands if English is not your first language so if you feel more comfortable with a more structured approach then stick with what you’re comfortable with and the school will work with you because like sandy just said we’re not looking for for prized writers it we’re looking for strong leaders and through that you don’t need to showcase your writing ability on these essays okay let’s do with the with one military essay look particularly the woman who went to Annapolis hmm let me see if I can get that up here this is here’s my advice to military applicants okay. Get to know more about essay writing approaches and what`s the one that will suit you the most at Edusson.

To do no harm don’t don’t what you want to be is the HBS kind of military applicant the HBS kind of military applicant is thoughtful is reflective it doesn’t overly press the leadership it’s more showing leadership rather than telling people about it and you know and they don’t do Rambo stories okay so we don’t have a bad military although this book has three military essays and they’re all pretty good the one that’s technically the best is a woman who went to Annapolis and then remember how she organized that yeah I’ve got a note here one of the themes in these essays is the bad father a lot of people write about being abandoned by their well by a parent usually the father so it works it continues to work yeah the vegetarian it’s got a funny name okay so II so I mean do you think it’s a father story alone that’s that’s working or what would y’all it’s a victim story one of the things one of the things that works at these essays one of the things that works in life is to either cast yourself as a victim or show yourself or if that’s impossible as it is for most of us since most of us are not victims helping victims okay.

So a victim I am a victim or I am someone who helps victims I’ve just described uh 70% of successful Stanford essays about what matters most to you and why it’s just a footnote about how to do a Stanford essay victim play the v card okay so here’s the wait here this is vegetarian funny funny name for ya did she gets right into it okay the way this essay starts is it’s like what like CNN it says 28 June 2002 United States Naval Academy so you’re right into it and then she tells the story and what’s the story she tells you well I mean being a woman and a vegetarian and being amongst at the Naval Academy amongst almost entirely men and so the challenge of being a woman moving into a place of leadership where she is the minority for multiple reasons yeah but but this is great it starts with a quote you’re a woman and a vegetarian you’ll never make it at this place.