Many people who work from home are often heard complaining of all the distractions; the phone ringing, the lure of the television set, the pile of dirty dishes that beckon, and the like. So, many of you might be concerned with allowing your child to school from home for the same reason. You can barely get them to do their homework as it is, right? And if you have to nag to get them to do their housework, how can you possible get them to do their schoolwork?

The outstanding records of hundreds of our graduating students can help put these worries to rest.

Take for instance, Stephanie Large. Stephanie was a top notch student in her high school and was highly involved in extra-curricular activities that made her a favorite amongst her peers and teachers alike. Yet, even with all her scholarly and activity-based successes, Stephanie was not content. She felt that she was not being challenged enough in her high school environment and wanted to try something different. She enrolled in a private school, hoping that the supposed higher echelon of education would give her the push that she really needed to excel, yet she soon found that there was little difference in the education and she still felt that something was missing.

Stephanie did a little researching and came across Citizens School and within a remarkably short time was able to complete our requirements to an honors standard. In fact, Stephanie excelled at a higher level with Citizens School than she did than in her forays in public and private school. Like many of our students, Stephanie found that studying from home was less of a distraction than the highly social aspect of public schools.

And while a work-at-your-own pace may not be suitable for some, most people find that our guidebooks, tutorials, and online assistance offer all the guidance, inspiration and support that students normally receive from the classroom.

On top of that, they are able to move quickly through the topics that they find easy and are able to devote more time to the subjects that they find more challenging. With the support from our organization and structure provided in the home environment, our students are able to function very well with self-paced learning. In addition, the students learn a life tool that has no price tag and is rarely learned in school self-discipline. This ensures a more well-rounded and comprehensive education and experience that really will last for a lifetime.