The best way to tell an interesting story is that have that type of Susie have an excitement in it you know we understand that not everyone you know plays the same sport or is involved in theater or it was involved in the same club you know you know I’m not involved in maybe you know the activity or club that you’re into that’s fine if you you can still make me enjoy the essay and maybe want to read the essay they worried about you if this is running about is actually rather passion and something that’s very well written with enthusiasm so I would say you want to make sure that you know the topic again is something that’s not illegal or that’s could get you you know catch you in a bad light.

And that’s something that you can really put your heart into and that you have enthusiasm great Caroline and that something people you know we’ll worry about I know students tend to worry about this I think it’s a common misconception that students think that as an admissions counselor I want to see that you the student know exactly what you want to do for the rest your life here in the US the most common major we have for students coming in is undecided we understand that you know especially being 16 17 18 19 years old you very well may have no idea what you want to do first really and that’s fine um we get that so it’s not something where you need to tell me I am going to be a an accountant for this company and work in this city and give me this you know full career goal.

That’s what I want to be when I would recommend to you it’s figuring out okay I may not know exactly what I want to major it I may not know exactly what I wanted to do but I know the areas you know of you know either I know where I want to be or is there to feel the war you know industry that I have a passion for I like to be involved in you know talk to me about you know what you’re you know what were you see yourself in you know in the rest your life again that does not have to be in a job it can be in a place it could be you know I I don’t know you know I know I want to do something business I don’t know exactly what that’s going to be but I want to be making impact I don’t want to work for a company that is very big into green energy and into you know creating moving the world away from fossil fuels I just don’t know how I want to do that so it doesn’t have to be that specific that you know do the job it’s gonna be a bigger career path some type of area that you want to explore.