3.To see if any students “cheated” on their applications.

Sure, many students get help in revising and improving their college admission essays. However, for years admissions officers have known that many students get “extra” help to make their essays appealing. There has never been a good way of knowing who these students are until the College Board added the Essay to the New SAT. Now, according to a survey done by Kaplan, almost 60% of the top 374 colleges and universities plan to use the SAT Essay to find writing level discrepancies among college applicants. For most honest students this shouldn’t be a problem unless they happen to write much worse on the SAT Essay than they did for their college admission essays. Of course the best way to avoid suspicion of getting too much “help” on the admission essay is to learn to write a good SAT Essay.

Now that you know that there are many important reasons why your student needs to do well on the SAT Essay, you might be wondering what are some of the best ways to prepare.

Successful preparation involves doing two things:

1. Writing an essay that will score well and
2. Writing an essay that will impress college admissions officers

For your student to score well she needs to learn the five characteristics that all high-scoring essays have in common and develop the skills to put these into her writing in under 25 minutes and under the pressure of test day.

Second, your student must write an essay that shows how insightful and intelligent he is so that admissions officers are impressed by the quality of the writing.

Below I list some important resources that can help your student prepare to write a stellar essay that will improve his or her chances of admission at the best schools.

The Official Guide to the New SAT published by the College Board and available on their web site http://www.collegeboard.com.

This site has several examples of essays graded by College Board graders which can give you a good sense of what it takes to get a high score.

Second, I recommend my e-book “How to Write Fast and Effectively for the New SAT” which teaches the 6 steps to success on the SAT Essay, includes dozens of classroom tested exercises and many examples of real high scoring essays. It is available at http://www.sat-essay.net