I think there are really great essays out there that are written on you know what couldn’t be considered cliche topics it is all about that the path you take to writing it and how much time and like energy you pour into like telling your own story and your own unique take on that topic okay so another great one that we have do you guys have any tips on how students can highlight accomplishments within an essay without over wording or sounding like they are boasting about it okay so pretty similar to that last line where why what is it about it but that makes you do it and I think once you start thinking about how are you engaging why are you engaging. Find great essay examples at Robotdon.com.

It tells me a little bit more than just the outcome because we might all let’s say maybe psych community service or something boom I I look extra crazy it is gonna be more about why do you continue to make community service for example than it is I did X amount of community service hours at so-and-so a location I think that location is important to you tell me about that location because that’s what we care about ultimately that more than what that accomplishment is because you by listing that awesome what I care about is why you know what why do you keep doing it and how does that contribute to who you are as an individual that that doesn’t go into that boasting range which i think is a fair assessment like a lot of people growing up like you don’t talk about yourself too often so sometimes it seems like you are bragging um but here like tell me really I did it this is why and that’s that’s kind of cool and what does it mean to you right like so so it is a personalized piece I think this question is also asking just like our best advice for those sorts of things um one of mine would be to give your essay to someone who is not related to you.

If you’d hand it to your mom she loves you deeply and crying over how successful you are but and it is someone else and after you are done meeting it ask them what adjectives they use to describe you and if one of them is wow really boastful or any negative attributes or something that you wouldn’t want but if they are like wow really thoughtful or engaged or whatever those adjectives might be um just take heed of what that is you do have to remember on the other side of your application is a human being like myself and will um who are reading these applications and have human responses to what you write so I’m having those sounding boards around you can be really comfortable to kind of get away from overly boasting about yourself and on the over wording part.